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Hello there! We are a friendly and warm female team offering boudoir photo shoots that make women feel and look gorgeous in a calm and relaxed environment.


Whether you are looking to give an unforgettable gift to your partner on your anniversary, wedding, birthday, or Valentines Day; or to celebrate a weight-loss goal, milestone birthday or simply enjoy the experience of being photographed like you never have before, this is for you!

Our boudoir shoots are confidence-building because we celebrate what is unique about you. 

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Boudoir Photography-Chanel Sani-Elyn Ardino-Elyn Photography-34.jpg
Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
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Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr

"To love oneself is the beginning of a

lifelong romance."


Oscar Wilde

why boudoir

I am a woman. I photograph women for themselves - to love and enjoy themselves. In a society where our bodies are scrutinised, criticised and displayed for the consumption of others, I provide a safe space where women can be free, celebrate who they uniquely are and feel gorgeous. 


A boudoir portrait experience is to celebrate and empower the unique woman that is you. 


We will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that will help you on your journey to confidence and self-care, and create beautiful, timeless portraits that you will cherish forever. 

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Boudoir Photography-Chanel Sani-Elyn Ard
Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr
Boudoir Photography-Chanel Sani-Elyn Ard


"You really know how to capture the small details and make a woman feel powerful and beautiful!

The photos are beyond stunning - they're better than I could have asked for.

Your whole dealings from start to finish have been pleasant and professional and the environment was comfortable and relaxing.

I'll certainly be recommending you to others."

- Ashley

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the experience

Your boudoir shoot is all about feeling good, so we begin with a:



We will talk (on the phone or via Zoom/Facetime) about how you would like to be photographed, what to bring, how to prepare and any questions or concerns you have. This will give us the chance to 'meet' before the session and create a shoot you will love.

Once your session is booked, we will send you a Boudoir Preparation Guide with lots of ideas on how to prepare for and look forward to your photo session. 



Professional hair and makeup is included in your session so you can sit back and relax before your photoshoot begins.


Our stylist will create the look you desire whether that be natural or glamorous, so you can go into your shoot feeling extra sexy.



We understand it can be nerve-wracking having your photo taken, which is why we will guide you with posing every step of the way. It's not your job to know what to do in front of the camera, it's ours. 

Elyn will demonstrate the poses and direct you through your whole shoot, so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. 

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After your photo shoot we will book an appointment for you to return to my studio approximately 3 weeks later to view and purchase your photographs.


Digital images will be high-resolution photographs on a beautiful crystal usb drive that you can print as many times as you like, at whatever size you like.

Beautiful boudoir albums and wall art are also available for purchase at your viewing session!  

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"I was so happy from the very start. From the moment I first contacted her, Elyn made me feel at ease.


She had a variety of images and poses for any comfort level and the session was just so enjoyable.


When I got the photos back I was amazed at what skill Elyn has with light - they are awesome! 


Thank you Elyn!"

- Belinda

Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
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Your photo shoot price includes a styling consultation (over the phone or via Facetime/Zoom), hair and make up session, photoshoot, 2-3 wardrobe changes, and viewing appointment after your shoot day.

(The photoshoot fee is required when booking, to lock in your preferred shoot date and time)


Images are $150 each and significantly reduce in price the more you purchase.

They are high resolution and will come on a crystal usb drive so that you can print them any size,

and as many times as you like (Minimum 5 image purchase).


Our stylish boudoir albums are available to keep and treasure your photographs forever. 

They come in an elegant album box with your usb, so your whole collection is in the one place. 

(Please download our information brochure below for full album pricing)


We have a range of stylish wall art options including framed photographs and aluminium prints for something extra sleek. Wall art starts from 650.00. 


Are available! Please enquire and we can customise a gift voucher or payment plan for you.


0432 972 194

We look forward to hearing from you!

Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr
Boudoir Portraits-Sydney Boudoir Photogr


"From start to finish, I felt so in my comfort zone. For someone who hates being in front of the camera, the entire experience wants to make me get back in front of it for another shoot!


I couldn't recommend Elyn more highly.

Thank you Elyn, I loved every minute of it."

- Elizabeth

Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn


I've never modelled before, how will I know what to do?

It's not your job to know what to do in front of the camera, it is mine. I will gently guide you every step of the way with direction and encouragement, and I will go into the poses as well to demonstrate what to do so you never feel lost.

Is there parking available?

Yes! There is driveway parking available and street parking nearby. We are near a Thornleigh Marketplace so if you arrive early, you can drop in there for a coffee and some time to relax before your shoot. 

I'm not sure what to bring to my shoot?

During your consultation we will discuss options for what to bring and how you would like to be styled. After booking your shoot we will email you our Boudoir Preparation Guide that will help you with fun ideas for what to bring and how to prepare.

Your shoot is a great opportunity to have fun with your wardrobe and maybe even go shopping for some super cute and sexy lingerie.

What if I'm early to my shoot?

We ask that you don't arrive earlier than five minutes before your shoot as we may be with another client. If you will be early to your session, please let us know and we can recommend some nearby coffee shops where you can relax until your shoot time. 

Do you shoot nudity?

Yes, we have the option for nude portraits during your shoot and will help you pose in an elegant way. However, we do not photograph full-frontal nudity: eg bare breasts, genitals or pornographic poses. 

In our studio we celebrate women in a beautiful and tasteful way to build confidence and self-love.

How do I prepare for my shoot?

After you have made your booking we will send you our Boudoir Preparation Guide that covers everything you need to prepare for your shoot. It includes wellbeing, clothing and self-confidence tips to help you feel your best when you walk into our studio the day of your session. 

We will also talk about how to prepare during your consultation so you have the opportunity to ask us any questions or concerns you have well in advance of your shoot.

I really want to do a boudoir shoot but I don't have the confidence?

Doing a boudoir shoot is a very personal experience which is why we have created a private, empowering all-female studio space where you can relax and enjoy your photoshoot.


For much of the shoot you will just be with Elyn who understands the natural nervousness that comes with being in front of the camera. But within 15 minutes of starting, you will forget about being nervous because you'll be in the flow and enjoying your experience.

By the end, your confidence will have blossomed.

How much will a boudoir shoot cost?


A boudoir photoshoot is $295 and includes a styling consultation, hair and make up session, photoshoot time, 2-3 outfit changes and viewing appointment.


Are $150 each (minimum of 5 images) and significantly reduce in price the more you purchase.


Are available! Please download our information brochure for full pricing of our beautiful products. 


Are available. Please enquire to customise a gift voucher or payment plan.

Will you photoshop my photos?

Professional retouching is included in your boudoir session. We specialise in detailed, natural retouching to create stunning images that celebrate your individuality- we will never change you into something you are not. 

Can I bring someone to the shoot with me?

Generally we find women feel more relaxed without someone watching them be photographed, even when it is someone they know. We recommend coming to your shoot by yourself as we have a small studio space and can work more efficiently with less people in the room.

Can we do a boudoir shoot outdoors?

No - we shoot exclusively in studio for privacy reasons.

Do you sell products?

Yes! We have albums, wall art and digital packages available at our studio. What you purchase is entirely up to you.

How long does the shoot take?

Your shoot will take approximately 3 hours.

We provide healthy snacks and refreshments during your session so you don't feel tired and shoot in a flow to get the most out of our time together.

How many photos can I buy?

As many as you like - it is entirely up to you! 

If you have any other questions please contact us at:

0432 972 194

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"Thank you so much for reminding me of what it feels like to feel beautiful...


And that feeling had little to do with makeup or the clothes I was wearing, it had to do with

how YOU saw me!"

- Kate

0432 972 194

We look forward to hearing from you!


"Elyn certainly has a gift for bringing the beauty out of whoever she photographs - no matter what age you are.


I would recommend this experience to everybody as I had so much fun and my photos are so beautiful that I can't wait to show them off!"

- Gabi

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ELYN Photography GABBIE SCUDERI-28.jpg
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn
Boudoir Photography-Sydney Boudoir-Elyn

"It's the fire in my eyes

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet.

I'm a woman



Maya Angelou

Boudoir Photography-Chanel Sani-Elyn Ard


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