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Sydney Love is a journey of hope, joy and beauty.
Join us on this inspiring adventure!

Wonderful things can come from times of adversity in our lives.

I truly believe that when we look for beauty, we will find it.

Elyn x
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'The light in Australia is, quite simply, beautiful. The light in Sydney is some of the most striking you will ever see.'


In Sydney Love, Elyn takes you on a journey through this iconic city from dreamy harbour-side locations such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, to colourful art hubs where artists have left their mark on the streets and in galleries. Follow her through secret gardens and vibrant spring walks, along city streets and inside buildings dressed beautifully for Christmas.


Experience Sydney's dramatic moods from tropical storms to atmospheric foggy mornings, romantic warm sunsets and sun-drenched days the city is so well-known for. Explore moonlit nights and enjoy the people and places in classic black and white street photography.

Sydney Love is a book for lovers of photography, travel and those who dream of visiting this gorgeous city. It is also a story of hope, resilience and the powerful effect of beauty on the human spirit. 

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Click through to have a look through 'Sydney Love'.

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"I want to share with you the same beauty and awe I experience."

Elyn x
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Sit back, relax and come with me on a journey of sunlit mornings, stylish city streets and harbourside walks.

What people are saying

"I absolutely love Sydney Love! The book is beautifully presented, the photography is breathtaking and Elyn's story touches ones heart. A quality coffee table book and would make the perfect gift too - highly recommend!!"


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